You may have heard about child soldiers...children who were abducted from their homes, forced into a violent life of slavery and fighting. Northern Uganda is one of the places where this happened. And this is where I spent my July. Though the war ended years ago, the aftermath can still be seen in the town of Gulu. It was here that I traveled with a group organized by Judy Dushku, who is a professor of Government at Suffolk University. She is heading up a new non-profit called "THARCE-GULU". This group went to build huts for vulnerable, war-affected people in the community. I went along to document the housebuilding, and also to bring instruments, books, dvds, laptops and cameras in order to start an arts center through THARCE. I lead a one-day 'storytelling' workshop with a group of war-affected students. One day was definitely not enough, and I think that as THARCE Gulu expands and develops, I might go back again.

It was an amazing month. Very life changing! Videos to come soon...


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