As I've been living in Utah, this year I purchased a locals only pass for Sundance 2012. I really looking forward to 10 days of independent films mixed with snow and ugg boots and Park City, but I ended up scoring a videographer gig for Google Music. For the first time, Google was hosting an independent music program during the Film Festival, and wanted to hire local videographers to document the concerts.  I heard about the job online, through a random craigslist post- and sent my resume in. I later found out they had over 75 applicants! Even though I missed out on seeing some amazing films, this job was the highlight of my 2012 year to date.  Working with Google was a great opportunity, and I truly loved so many of the bands we followed around and filmed. My personal favorite: Filming THE CIVIL WARS. They have the voices of angels. Hipster Angels. 

I also found some papparazzi photos on Getty! 

 View the video above to see the footage I shot (along with Cody M, another very talented videographer!). 



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