April 2009

風 Swift as the wind
林 Quiet as the forest
火 Conquer like the fire
山 Steady as the mountain

Thanks Sun Tzu for the wisdom! I've spent the past few months tapping into my Chinese heritage by being immersed in all that is Ancient China. As an Assistant Producer  at Four in Hand Productions, I've been working on production and research for a 2-hour History Channel special, called "Art of War".  After an intense few weeks for pre-production we flew out to LA to shoot all the reenactments for the show. One of the most embarassing moments came when the director called me to come up in front of the entire cast and crew to show our main actor how to correctly 'bow'...Asian style. The problem is that there are about 3 different ways that would have worked so I had to show all three, one of which involves castigating oneself on the ground. I guess that's what comes from being in charge of researching historical facts. 

A highlight of the shoot was being able to cast my friend Tyler to play an amputee.
You can see clips of Tyler's amazing performance, and the trailer for Art of War here:



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