I've spent January in Utah, watching films at Sundance, and attending the Sundance Windrider Forum. Windrider is run by the amazing John & Ed Priddy Brothers, who I was lucky enough to meet in person. You will not meet nicer people and the Priddy Brothers have a long history of supporting inspiring and uplifting films. Mind the Gap is being featured on their website this month and I am really honored. Much thanks to the Priddy Brothers for their support!

I absolutely love being in Park City during Sundance. Yes, there are tons of wannabe filmmakers and posers, and I probably fall into that category, but there is an energy that is really also really inspiring. Another highlight of the trip was getting to meet Heather Rae, who is a fantastic indie film producer with a penchant for telling honest stories. She produced 'Frozen River'- which is just one of her wonderful past films, but a personal favorite of mine . I really liked her because she seems very intimidating...she's gorgeous, classy, smart, successful and yet was so down-to-earth.  It's great to have women role models. 

See MTG featured on Windrider here:


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