Working on a travel show is truly a dream come true. We stay at wonderful hotels, eat amazing food, and see beautiful locations. With all these benefits, the real highlight is getting to work with amazing people! I've spent the past 3 weeks as the production coordinator for a Swiss travel show called SF Unterwegs.  This is my 2nd time working with them, and as always- it's a pleasure. After a few months of working on their pre-production, securing filming permits, organizing shoot details, etc, I was more than happy to escape winter by being with the Swiss team in Florida! 

UPDATE: Watch the episodes here: http://www.videoportal.sf.tv/video?id=09f2f73a-7c3f-4b4f-a981-1d6caf5015ad

If you watch long enough, you can see my debut on Swiss television as a fisherwoman!

Happy Holidays from Florida!


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