October 2009
There are a few four letter words that could describe how this past weekend was, but COLD is probably the best one. Out of all the Fall weekends in Massachusetts, of course the first snow of the year had to hit during our outdoor, Gettysburg reenactment shoot. 
I've been working as a producer on a pilot for the History Channel with Madrush Pictures.  This three day shoot had explosions, stunt men (flown in from LA), special effects, horses, and a cast and crew of over 100. This was by far the biggest and most demanding shoots I've ever worked on but there was an amazing cast and crew. People were such troopers, despite the wintry mix of rain, snow, winds and mud galore. I had 10 amazing PA's and I feel indebted to all of them for their support. 

You can view the finished pilot here:



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